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ARK - Adventure Rabbi Kids
A New Jewish Educational Experience
Grades 1- 6

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May 10, 2018:
Priority Registration for Members and Current Students
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May 17, 2018:
General Registration Opens

The Adventure Judasim Congregation has been providing innovative ways to engage Jews with Judaism for over a decade. Our youth education program lives up to our reputation.

This is not the religious school you dreaded as a child!

  • Conveniently scheduled classes
  • Excellent and carefully designed curriculum
  • Outdoor and indoor elements
  • Taught by Educators Elaine Barenblat, Emily Norman and Rabbi Jamie Korngold
  • Innovative and engaging teaching techniques
  • High quality instruction

ARK is offered in a Variety of Modalities:

  • Mixed Grade & Gender
  • Girls Only

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Boy's Time - Running In Boulder, CO


There are three core components to the curriculum: Values, Tradition & Community.

1. Values:

Think of it as mensch training! We learn about Jewish people from history as well as contemporary Jewish role models. We talk about the choices they made and the values they held. When do we agree? When do we disagree? In what ways do we want to be like them? In what ways do we want to be different? Building relationships with characters from our Jewish People’s past will firmly ground our students in their past while preparing them for healthy, strong and vibrant Jewish future.

2. Tradition:

Students will explore new and traditional ways to celebrate Jewish ritual. We will discover meaningful Jewish practices and rituals appropriate for our busy and technologically active lives. For example, when we gather for a Shabbat, we experience how to make Shabbat realistic for our families, and experiment with ways to welcome and say goodbye to Shabbat. We celebrate four Jewish Holidays as a large group: Shabbat/ Havdallah, Simchat Torah, Chanukah and Purim.

3. Community:

The Adventure Rabbi Program is known for our ability to build community quickly. We feel that being a part of a Jewish community is one of the most important elements of the Adventure Rabbi Kids (ARK) experience. To that end, our experiential education techniques allow children to make friends quickly and easily. if your child needs a little extra coaxing to feel comfortable participating or making friends, please let us know. We try to be especially diligent about keeping an eye out for students who need a little more help engaging socially.

Some of our meetings will involve both age groups and parents, so that students can experience being part of a larger community. Although there is no obligation, we hope that your entire family will enjoy becoming involved in Adventure Rabbi additional events, such as our High Holiday and Passover Retreats, and meet our fabulous multi-age community.

Teaching Style:

We combine outdoor and indoor settings as well as innovative and traditional teaching techniques. We are aware of the variety of learning styles and will keep our participants learning from all directions each time!

Our students will engage in experiential and traditional learning experiences to provide them with tools to explore the richness of our Jewish heritage. We will learn about Jewish values, Jewish personalities, and Jewish culture. We will build meaningful and genuine relationships with our tradition and each other. All this and more will firmly ground their Jewish identity, while helping them become people with whom we all want to share the planet.

Are the Classes Taught Different Material?

The same lesson is taught for the entire school. The manner in which the material is taught differs based on the group.

It is important to know that the curriculum for the school changes each year so that for example, the 1-2 class this year is not taught the same material as it was taught last year.

We use a three year rotating curriculum:
Year 1: Judaism through Time:
The study of Important Jewish Figures (2012-2013 & 2015-2016 & 2018-2019)

Year 2: Values (2013-2014 & 2016-2017
Year 3: Tour of the Torah (2014-2015 & 2017-2018)

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ARK Class Choices In List Form:
(see also chart, below >>)

Time and Dates:

  • ARK meets about once a month
  • ARK is sometimes on Sunday and sometimes on Tuesday.
  • All School Programs are on 1 Saturday, 1 Tuesday, 1 Wednesday and 1 Thursday. The advantage of the varied schedule is that if your child has an activity every Tuesday, she or he will not have to miss it repeatedly to participate in ARK.

ARK Location:

  • Our South Boulder location, the beautifully renovated Bear Creek Elementary School near NCAR, gives us easy access to outdoor space as well as a comfortable indoor space suited for children.
  • Bear Creek is located at 2500 Table Mesa Drive Boulder, CO 80305
  • The Opening Program location is TBD

Bear Creek Elementary School in Boulder, CO - Photo by Jeff Finkelstein

In the chart below, the same color = meets at same time

Each class also has its own web page so if you know which class works for you, feel free to click through to that classes page or just go directly to the registration page.

same color = meets at same time

Grades Gender Details + Easier to Read Schedule>> Sun Tues

Also Attends All-School
Programs on:
Sat 8/19
Wed 10/11
Tues 12/12
Thurs 3/1

1-2 Both
Grades 1-2
w/ Emily

12:30-2 4:45-6:00 Yes

Grades 5-6
w/ Elaine and Rabbi Jamie


12:30-2 4:45-6:00 Yes
3-4 Both Grades 3-4
w/ Emily
1:45-3:15 5:45-7:15 Yes
3-4 Girls Girls Time Jr. Grades 3-4
w/ Elaine
1:45-3:15 5:45-7:15 Yes
Girls Girls Time Sr. Grades 5-6
w/ Rabbi Jamie
1:45-3:15 5:45-7:15 Yes


1. Sunday: August 19, 2018
12:30 Girl's Time Early Arrival
1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
General Arrival
Opening Adventure: Students their parents will join the rest of the Adventure Rabbi Kids for opening day. We will enjoy games, walk-abouts, and other playful ARK activities.

2. Tuesday: Sept 4, 2018

Tuesday: Oct 2, 2018 (All-School Simchat Torah Celebration)
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

All-school celebration with our parents and siblings in the Bear Creek Elementary school gym

4. Sunday, Nov 4, 2018

5. Wednesday: Dec 5, 2018 (All-School Chanukah Party)
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
All-school Chanukah party with our parents and siblings

6. Tuesday: Jan 15, 2019

7. Tuesday: Feb 12, 2019

8. Thursday: March 21, 2019 (All-School Purim Party)
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
All-school Purim celebration with our parents and siblings

9. Sunday: April 28, 2019

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About Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator:

Elaine Barenblat - Adventure EducatorElaine is our full-time Adventure Educator, and the director of Adventure Rabbi Kids (ARK).

Elaine is adored by our students because she makes learning fun and genuinely cares about their experience. Her enthusiasm for Jewish learning has brought an extra spark to ARK.

In addition to ARK, Elaine tutors many of our students in Hebrew and additional Jewish studies, runs our teen program, mentors our interns and leads our Shabbat on Skis events.

Elaine is a native of San Antonio, Texas, but has always had her heart in Colorado's mountains. She received her Interdisciplinary Studies degree from the University of North Texas with a focus in early childhood and special education.

About Emily Norman:
Emily NormanSoon after moving to Boulder in August 2006 Emily participated in her first Adventure Rabbi hike. A proponent of AR ever since, Emily is thrilled to be a member of the teaching staff.

Currently a theatre educator at Watershed School and a teaching artist at the Denver JCC, Emily's primary position is the Director of Education and Founder of Acting Out Theatre Company, an educational theatre company serving Boulder County. More about Acting Out Theatre Company>>

Emily NormanEmily holds an MA from NYU in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities and a BA from Wheaton College (Norton, MA). She has completed a certification program at Shakespeare's Globe in London, studied Community-Engaged Theatre in Ireland and attended Eugene O'Neill's National Theatre Institute in Waterford, CT.


About Rabbi Jamie Korngold, Adventure Rabbi:
Rabbi Jamie is the founder of the Adventure Rabbi Program and is thrilled to get to hang out with Adventure Rabbi Kids once a month. Her priority is to create a fun, safe environment, in which kids can make deep and lasting friends, even if they came in knowing no one.

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ARK 1-2 and 5-6
$399 for members
$449 for non-members

ARK 3-4 (includes 3 dinners )
$430/ for members
$480 / for non- members

Girls Time: (includes 3 dinners and small staff to student ratio)
$449 for members
$499 for non-members

Tuition Details & Discounts:

  • $25 Discount for Siblings
  • After August 1, 2018 fee is +$25 student if there is room
  • Scholarships are available for families eligible for National School Lunch Program and/or SNAP

Refunds are not available unless you purchase $36 tuition insurance per student, in which case classes will be pro-rated and you will receive refund for remaining classes, minus $36.

Cell phones and other similar electronic devices are not permitted at Adventure Rabbi Kids classes including Girls Time and the Adventure B'nai Mitzvah Class. If your student needs to bring a phone so that they can contact a parent at the end of class, they can keep it out of sight in their backpack/bag. If they use it during class, it will be taken away and returned after class.

Please Consider a Membership for You and Your Child to the Adventure Rabbi Congregation.

Let us tell you why this is both:

  • Cost Effective
  • Helps Sustain the Adventure Rabbi Program

Our membership year runs from January - December.

But even if you sign up now, there's lots of great events that you can still attend for free, including:

  • Summer Flagstaff Services
  • Winter Shabbat Services
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre, Kids Program)

+ You'll save a bit on tuition.

... And if you don't use all of the included events, you can convert the membership into an end-of-year tax deduction of up to $180 for your child and $375 for yourself.

More information about membership is here >>

Priority Registration for Members, Current and Wait-list Students
Opens May 10, 2018

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General Registration Opens May 17, 2018
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    Interview about Adventure Rabbi Kids
    by Boulder Jewish News:

    BJN “sat down” with Adventure Rabbi Evon Yakar, who runs Adventure Rabbi Kids (ARK), (the Adventure Rabbi Program’s alternative religious school) and Distance Learning Program to ask a few questions and learn more about this new type of Jewish education. This interview is about the local program. In a few weeks we will read about the Distance Learning Program, which reaches students from Bankok to Baltimore and beyond.

    Q: One of your students came out of religious school and said, “That was the best day of camp ever.”  Why did he call it camp?

    A:  That is a great question!  Jewish education for our young people is about positive Jewish experiences in a positive Jewish environment.

    250-Alternative-Adventure-Rabbi-Religious-School-2194I adopted this goal as the Director of Education of a 420+ student complementary synagogue school (traditional religious school).I quickly learned that the style of programming that would achieve this goal most often occurred in our Reform Jewish summer camps (from my experience).  So, our Adventure Rabbi Kids programming keeps that in mind.  The sessions are interactive and student directed.  We go outside to explore the natural world and come indoors to integrate our learning.”

    The ARK explore Jewish values and go home each month with something they can use in their daily life.  Camp style Jewish education is successful because it is lived every moment while living in community.  We try to give our participants a couple hours a month of that style of learning.”

    Q: I noticed on your website that you call your program Adventure Rabbi Kids (our alternative religious school) as if you are distancing yourself from calling it a school. Its as if you only label it school so parents know what box to check off on their to-do list. What’s that all about?


    A:  You pretty much got it.  Its a way for parents to check it off their list because most of our community members (Adventure Rabbi, Jewish Community Center, Synagogue Community… whatever it may be) feel a sense of obligation in educating their children. Our program is definitely not a religious school program.  At least not how they have been experienced for the last half century.

    Originally, I wanted to not use the word school at all because I work hard to create a different experience from my own traditional religious school education (my mother is a world class Jewish educator and my Hebrew school principal!), but in the end, our families felt attached to using that title, “alternative religious school.”

    Q: Many of us in Boulder didn’t realize that your congregation had a religious school so let’s start with basics. What grades do you include?

    A: First grade through 6th. Then our Adventure Bar and Bat Mitzvah class has students 6th through 9th.”

    Q: How often do you meet?

    A: Generally a little more than once a month. The B’nai Mitzvah class meets 16 times in 10 months. Adventure Rabbi Kids meets 11 times in 9 months.”

    Q: Where do you meet?

    A: We meet at Bear Creek Elementary School in South Boulder. Its a great space and has lots of fun outdoor areas we can explore.”

    Q: How many students do you have?

    A: I think we’re at about 90 right now. We have a bit of a waiting list and we are trying to expand so we can take everyone who wants to be in without losing our small school feel.”

    Q: Can kids who are members of the Adventure Rabbi: Synagogue Without Walls attend?

    A: Yes, although we love when they do become members.”

    Q: How do you teach Hebrew?

    A: We have a team of tutors we use. Some of them  teach in person and some teach over Skype. We find one on one and small group learning to be the most efficient way to learn.  Our families are super busy so we try to make learning Hebrew fit into their highly scheduled weeks.”

    rabbi-Evon-Yakar-Religious-Jewish-SchoolQ: What makes Adventure Rabbi Kids different than other religious school?

    A: Our programming is based on Jewish values.  Each session focuses on a specific value, like Shalom Bayit – Peace in the Home.  We then explore our characters/ancestors from our Jewish story have lived, or failed to, these values. We examine the value in our own daily life in the hopes that our participants, and their families, will go off and bring them into their daily lives.  This sets us apart as we do not aim to teach only about holidays, Bible stories and specific Jewish practice.  We have narrowed our scope to create positive Jewish experiences in a positive Jewish environment.”

    Q: If one of our readers wanted to teach with you, do you hire?  What would you be looking for?  How would they find you?

    A: We are going to be hiring a new teacher or two for next year, so if you hear of someone great let them know! I will be looking for a teacher who loves experiential education and has experience. It is also imperative that this individual is in sync with the Adventure Rabbi way of doing things. They could contact me through our website.”

    Q: What is your primary goal with the school?

    A. We want our students to love being Jewish. Period.  Oh yeah, we also want them to become people with whom we want to share the earth!  We figure if they love being Jewish, they will  go on to learn about the history of the state of Israel and what Shemni Atzerit is. But if they leave religious school hating being Jewish, it doesn’t matter how much information they have been taught. If they hate their experience, they will walk out the door and not come back.”

    Q: We started with a comment I heard from one of your students. What is your favorite thing to hear?

    A: I love when parents tell me their kids love coming to Adventure Rabbi Kids. When kids leave  eagerly asking, “When do we have Adventure Rabbi Kids again” I know we are doing something right.”


Jewish Relgious School in Boulder CO

Girls Time in Boulder, CO

Hiking in Winter

Boys Time in Boulder, CO

Baking - Jewish Girls Time Religious School in Boulder, CO

Jewish Religious school for kids in boulder, CO

Boulder Religious School Students
Two girls in the Adventure Rabbi Program at Passover in Moab, Utah.

Rabbi Evon Yakar
Rabbi Evon Yakar with religious school students.

Jewish Religious School Students hiking in Boulder, Colorado
Religious school students in the Adventure Rabbi Program in Boulder, Colorado.

Eating Marshmellows During Jewish REligious School
Roasting marshmallows in Jewish religious school.

Religious School Students Dancing at Passover in Moab, Utah
Two students dancing during Passover in Moab, Utah.

Jewish Reilgious School Student in Boulder, CO
Enjoying learning the Adventure Rabbi way


    Other Opportunities for Adventure Kids:

    Learn Hebrew
    via Skype or in Boulder
    Private Hebrew Tutoring

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    Adventure Bar and Bat Mitzvah
    Individual or Group
    Local or Distance Learning
    Hebrew or Non-Hebrew options
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