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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Class Retreats
Bar and Bat Mitvah Class Retreats
(Looking for a trip for your family? See our annual Adventure Rabbi trip for families>>)
  • Imagine your students praying the morning service in an alpine meadow, while watching elk feed in the distance.
  • Imagine your class working together as a team to reach the summit of a peak and then shouting Shecheyanu from the mountain-top.
  • Imagine watching a student who does not excel in the classroom become the class leader because she thrives in experiential education setting.
  • Imagine your students having casual time to get to know each other, to talk to classmates who they have known for years but really never said much to.
  • Imagine a weekend adventure that can bridge the expanse between cliques, and give every student a chance to be part of the "inner" group.
  • Imagine your students having the opportunity to get to know their teacher or rabbi outside the classroom or synagogue, and have time to talk about matters of the heart and soul.

In 2002, we took our first group of b'nai mitzvah students, from Congregation B'nai Havurah in Denver, to Rocky Mountain National Park, for a 2-day retreat.

These retreats, have became a staple of the B'nai Havurah curriculum and their success had convinced me that this powerful experience should be part of every Bar and Bat Mitzvah student's experience.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Class outdoor adventures provide a chance for students to learn about responsibility for self and community in a setting where failing to be responsible for either has real consequences and being responsible has palpable rewards.

The students learn to work together so that even the slowest hikers can make it to the top of the peak with the group. They experience the feeling of achievement that comes from looking out for each other, encouraging each other, and working as a team. All these skills transfer perfectly back into the classroom where the students will work together to master the intricacies of Torah and Haftatarh and conquer their fear of standing up in front of the community to deliver a D'var Torah.

This unique weekend adventure provides opportunities for students to
deepen their relationship with themselves, their community, and the Creator.

This program works best as 2-day, 1 night retreat. Inexpensive cabins are available at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. To help in team building, the students do the cooking and cleaning. (We can help you with menus.) To keep cost low we encourage you to staff the trip with a few teachers and parents to take care of the "counselor" duties while Adventure Rabbi staff lead the guiding components.

Click here to have the rabbi contact you about leading your group on a journey of prayer, study and song, while exploring the wilderness.

      B'nai Mitzvah Class from Congregation B'nai Havurah on a peak with Rabbi Korngold

Come, let the wilderness awaken your Judaism!

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