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As Jews, we believe that there are Jewish souls who have been separated from the Jewish people. We trust that some day they will find their way home to Judaism. Are you one of them?


We are accepting new conversion candidates.

Conversion candidates must take either Ikar, the Boulder conversion course or an Introduction to Judaism, the Denver Conversion course and meet once a month with Rabbi Jamie Korngold at our Boulder Headquarters. The meetings do not have a set curriculum but rather are an opportunity to answer questions raised in the class.

Our conversion course takes a minimum of one year. We want you to be able to experience a full year of Jewish holidays and festivals while you are studying with us for conversion, so that we can help you glean the most meaning out of each of them.

The fee of $2,400 includes:

  • 12, one-hour meetings with Rabbi Jamie Korngold
  • One-year membership to the Adventure Rabbi: Synagogue Without Walls
  • Rabbinic supervision at the mikvah immersion
  • Rabbi Jamie Korngold's presence on the Beit Din
  • Public Conversion Ceremony.

    The following are not included:
  • Mikvah use Fee ($180)
  • Recommended Honorarium to the second and third rabbi on the beit din ($180 each)

To have one of the Rabbis contact you to discuss studying with us please fill out the contact me now form below and tell us about about yourself in the comments box.

For students who have already spoken with the Rabbi and are ready to sign a contract, click here>>

The conversion journey is an adventure. May yours be filled with wildflowers!



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